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About the project

In the wake of the recent brutal Hamas attack, we have launched the ISEME project to acquire and supply life-saving, cutting-edge essential medical equipment to emergency medical teams in dire need.
While our hospitals boast advanced diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities, our field-level medical teams lack access to such critical resources. They urgently require point-of-care medical devices to effectively perform rapid triage and manage multiple casualties.

For more details and examples of the required medical equipment

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On November 2nd, our unit received a wounded soldier. Both his legs were amputated and he suffered from extensive burns. The first responder team performed coniotomy (a surgical procedure to secure the airway excess). When the soldier arrived at our field hospital, right outside the fighting zone, we identified the coniotomy tube was dangerously misplaced into a false tract outside of the trachea (main airway) which could have caused his immediate death at any moment. We removed the coniotomy tube and performed a successful airway intubation using the McGrath MAC Video laryngoscope, provided to us by the Iron Sword Emergency Medical Equipment-ISEME project. Thank you so much for helping us save this soldiers life by providing us with this amazing device
Sergeant Major (Res.) Y.E
Combat Paramedic, IDF
How does it work?

Our Goal

To acquire hundreds of life-saving medical devices for use by medical teams in the combat zones. We acknowledge that additional requirements may arise.

Expert Doctors

Our committee of expert doctors evaluates field requirements for medical equipment, assesses suppliers, and provides procurement recommendations

Procurement Committee

Our procurement committee includes leading professionals specializing in medical devices and accounting that work with suppliers worldwide and in accordance with IDF Medical requirements

Dedicated Volunteers

Volunteers oversee the logistics for transporting and distributing medical equipment in collaboration with in-field medical teams

Accounting Oversight

Throughout this process, Reva Ravid ensures that all contributions are solely directed toward their intended purpose and are diligently transferred to the relevant units, complete with comprehensive documentation and rigorous monitoring

Your Crucial Support

Your support is crucial in obtaining life-saving medical devices needed on the battlefield. Please consider contributing generously to help us reach millions of dollars, making a meaningful impact and saving lives. Every dollar donated goes directly to acquiring and distributing medical equipment, with no overhead costs incurred by project partners.

Medical Committee of the Project

Our team includes expert doctors with emergency medical care IDF experience, who play a pivotal role in identifying the critical needs of our field-level medical team. Bringing valuable insights and expertise from their experiences, they guide the Iron Swords Emergency Medical Equipment project to ensure that the provided equipment precisely meets the demands faced in combat zones.

  • Dr. Lior Fuchs, Head of Intensive Care Unit, Soroka University Medical Center 
  • Prof. Sharon Perlman, Senior Physician Obstetric Ultrasound Unit, Rabin Medical Center
  • Dr. Ohad Etzion, Head of Department of Gastroenterology & Liver Disease, Soroka University Medical Center 
  • Dr. Tomer Ben-Tov, Head of Orthopaedic Trauma Service, Tel-Aviv Medical Center
  • Dr. Guy Ohad, MD Radiologist Chief Medical Officer, Accelmed
  • Dr. Yoav Pichovsky, Division of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Soroka University Medical Center
  • Dr. Gal Ben-Arie, MD Radiologist Soroka University Medical Center
  • Dr. Daniel King, Head, Intensive Care Unit, Bnei-Zion Medical Center, Haifa
The Medical Devices

Our team prepares the equipment to fit the terrain by assembling specific kits that match the equipment, which is then stored in sealed cases suitable for the field. Examples of our specialized kits include the Butterfly Point Of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) Kit, which includes a versatile POCUS transducer, a rugged Mini iPad, chargers, and medical gel, all protected in a robust Pelican Case. Additionally, our Video Laryngoscope – McGRATH MAC Kit provides quick and efficient patient intubation with its integrated camera, two long-lasting batteries, and protective hard cover for reliable performance in challenging conditions.

Butterfly - Point of Care Ultrasound

A a compact ultrasound probe for rapid abdominal, lung, and heart imaging, perfect for field diagnosis of bleeding and organ injuries.

Macgrath - Video laryngoscope

A compact video laryngoscope device, includes clear visualization of anatomical structures, enabling rapid and accurate intubation of the upper airways.

Tempus Pro - Vital sign monitoring device

A robust device that provides real-time vital sign monitoring, capturing multiple parameters through various sensors and probes.


Allows rapid access to the intra-medullary cavity (inner part of the bone), in trauma situations, followed by irrigation of fluids and transfusion of blood products for effective resuscitation.

MEQU fluid and blood warmer system

A fluid and blood warmer, crucial for achieving effective resuscitation in field settings. It rapidly warms blood products from cold to body temperature, ensuring hemodynamic stability during combat injuries.

*Images and videos are for illustrative purposes only. The project has no business relationship with the suppliers. The products are selected by the doctors’ committee based on real-time medical team needs in the field, equipment compliance, and supplier availability

ISEME Project In The Media
ISEME Project is Powered by

Rachashei Lev

A non-profit organization dedicated to supporting cancer patients, which has swiftly shifted its focus to also address the pressing need for medical equipment to care for wounded soldiers and civilians.

Elron Ventures

A leading Israeli publicly traded venture capital firm with over six decades of experience in investing in technology companies, particularly specializing in medical devices.


Accelmed is a U.S.-based private equity firm with over 20 years of experience specializing in acquiring and investing in medical devices and digital health companies.

Raveh Ravid

A respected internal audit advisory firm, ensures that all donations are used exclusively for the intended purpose and delivered to the designated teams with full traceability.

For donation by bank transfer

Rachashei Lev is a fully registered U.S. Tax-Exempt charity (501 (c) 3), EIN #: 20-0379354, Israeli tax-exempt charity under section 46, P.C. # 580156669.

Please send the bank transfer reference and complete details for issuing a receipt (name, address, email, mobile) to

In the bank transfer note, please specify that this is a Donation for the ISEME Project.

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Contact Us

Orna Shalomoff, VP Foreign Relations at Rachashei Lev,, 058-4188177

Elik Etzion, Managing Partner at Elron Ventures,

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