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Donate and save the lives of children with cancer

Rachashei Lev - a Non Profit Organization for children with cancer

Rachashei Lev has taken it upon itself to help children with cancer and their families and accompany them hand in hand from the moment the disease is discovered.

The emphasis are medical, social, psychological and economic with the aim of giving the children strength, optimism and hope in their war for life.
The organization is accompanied by the best doctors in Israel and around the world, and leading businessmen, in order to ensure the best professional assistance for children with cancer.

We make sure at Rachashei Lev to do our best to complete the medical treatment with our aid – while the doctors take the disease out of the child, we take the child out of the disease.

The activities of the Rachashei Lev

A Non Profit Organization for Children with Cancer

Donate now for children with cancer

When a child with cancer comes to the hospital he comes to be treated for his illness. But have you ever wondered who takes care of a child? of the family? Who cares about encouraging, hugging and supporting? For transportation to treatments that the health system does not provide? For drugs that are not funded by the ministry of health? Fulfill a child’s dream? Who enable his parents to rest a little and gather strength? To provide financial assistance that families often cannot survive without?

Rachashei Lav helps the child and his family in everything that the health system is not meant to help.

You can be a partner and save a life! Donate, together we will give strength and hope to children with cancer and their families on the road to recovery.

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