About Rachashei Lev, Non Profit Organization for children with cancer

Founded in 1989, the Rachashei Lev NPO constitutes a national support center for cancer-stricken children in Israel and their families. The founder Rabbi Reuven Geshayed is the head of the organization and by his side are members of the Presidium- prominent Israeli doctors, public officials, members of the justice system, and leading Israeli business people.

Rachashei Lev’s activities
The organization takes care of approximately 500 cancer stricken children and youth every year, regardless of religion, race, gender or social background. Emphasis is placed on the social, educational and psychological aspects in order to maintain the children’s morale, to help them cope with the difficult challenges posed by the disease, and to ease their suffering. Rachashei Lev works nonstop, every day of the year, running a group of volunteers in the children’s hospitals Israel, conducting trips in Israel and abroad, operating a dream ambulance, and much more…

מרכז תמיכה ארצי לילדים חולי סרטן - עמותת רחשי לב

Daily support – from diagnosis through all stages of care

Rachashei Lev has adopted the pediatric oncology departments at the Sheba Medical Center and Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, providing daily support and activities for kids and their families. Rachashei Lev employs professional staff and 30 Israeli National Service counselors, and has a network of 350 mentors and volunteers providing guidance and personal support. The volunteers accompany the children daily during examinations and treatments to divert their attention from pain and fear. Our support team members are on call 24/7 to help the children.

The Children’s House

In 2007, the Children’s House was inaugurated on the grounds of Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer. The Children’s House is a medically equipped boutique hotel for children and their families, providing a warm and loving home in a cozy and protective family atmosphere during the time of their treatments.

Medical consultation

Rachashei Lev helps with worldwide medical consultations with specialists in childhood cancer, provides support in purchasing medical drugs not covered by Israeli health plan, in importing and obtaining rare medicines, and assists in funding of special treatments not covered by Israeli health plan or in targeted radiotherapy not provided in Israel and in  lifesaving surgery abroad.

Hospital unit assistance

Rachashei Lev provides patients and their parents with a range of services and equipment during hospitalization, including computers, TVs, comfortable armchairs, book and video libraries, games, a leisure room, a coffee and snacks corner and a dining room. Services includes referrals to medical professionals, psychological counseling, occupational therapy, alternative medicine, financial assistance to families in need, ambulance services and paramedical equipment rentals.

We install free multimedia systems at dozens of children’s bedsides at Sheba hospital, and help acquire and upgrade departmental medical equipment, such as chemotherapy pumps, monitors, ECG machines, beds and more.

אודות עמותת רחשי לב, עמותה למען ילדים חולי סרטן

Activities throughout the year

Rachashei Lev hosts performances and events featuring celebrities, including individual and group birthday parties. We work to fulfill wishes, visit children at home and host trips, fun days, camps and international vacations to places such as Orlando, the Netherlands, France, Prague and more. These activities help kids escape the reality of the hospital, enjoy family time and gather energy.

Daily activity center

The activity center adjacent to Sheba’s ambulatory care center invites children to play with the Rachashei Levs’ team and to participate in extracurricular activities, fascinating workshops – even during chemotherapy infusions. The leisure center includes a drink and snacking corner, a pre-school playroom and art room, computers, TVs, musical instruments and games.

Special-needs children

Since 2007, Rachashei Lev has been hosting weekends and holidays getaway in Israel for special needs children  – including a dedicated volunteer per child.

Awards and recognition

Rachashei Lev has earned excellence recognition from a variety of government organizations, including the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry, Public Security Ministry and Health Ministry, as well as awards from the city of Ashdod, the President of Israel and the Prime Minister.

Partnering with clinicians

Rachashei Lev is headed by Prof. Jehoshua Dor and honored members of the Presidium, many of Israel’s most senior physicians, including Prof. Amos Toren, Head of the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Department at Sheba Medical Center’s, Prof. Gidi Perth, Director of Sheba›s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and Prof. Yehuda Skornik, a well knowen oncology surgeon.

אודות ארגון רחשי לב, למען ילדים חולי סרטן
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