The Special Child division of Rachashei Lev organization for kids with Cancer

In the wake of the demand and acquaintance with many families who require help with their special needs children, Rachashei Lev began to run programs and activities for such children in the afternoons, at weekends and on the holidays. These programs keep the children busy during the hours that they are not in a learning framework, and create a social and enriching environment for them. 
The activities are for special-needs children, PDD children, children with Down’s syndrome, developmental disorders, autism and more.

עמותת רחשי לב פועלת גם למענם של ילדים ובני נוער המתמודדים עם מחלת הסרטן

Rachashei Lev runs activity and vacations center for children with special needs


Shabbat Club: Throughout the year, there are programs that host the children on the weekends afternoon hours, provide them with an experiential time and at the same time give families several hours of respite and air to breathe.


Fun days on holidays: On holidays and on summer vacations, such as Hanukkah, Independence Day, Lag B’Omer, etc., in which families spend time together, families with a special child have difficulties with the forced vacation. On such days, we at Rachashei Lev conducts special fun days for the special children. The activity days include trips, fun outdoor activities, and artists all done with warm attitude in order to make the child a king for one day just the way he is.


Babysitters: Throughout the year, after the child returns home from the school in the afternoon, regular volunteers come to his house to employ him and help the parents take care of him. In the winter the volunteers stay with him at his house and in the summer they go out for a walk in the garden.


Holiday and Shabbat vacations retreat:
On Saturdays and holidays occasions around the year, we hold retreats for children with special needs, one hundred children come to the vacation at a time, with each child having a personal counselor who takes care of all his needs. The holiday begins on Friday morning, arriving at the retreat locations and the celebration begins with activities around the clock all suited to the kids and their special needs. At the end of the vacation the child return home after having dinner and ready for bedtime.

תרמו גם אתם לאגף לילד המיוחד - עמותת רחשי לב
האגף לילד המיוחד - עמותת רחשי לב

Rachashei Lev assists in obtaining legal advice for the rights of special needs children
Parents to a special child are forced to deal with many bureaucracy issues such as schools and government rights. Often they do not have the ability and knowledge or energies to deal with the paperwork. We at Rachashei Lev act on they behalf free of charge.

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