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We, at Rachashei Lev, a Non Profit Organization for children with cancer, are available to you for any demand and any request!

You have a variety of ways to contact us: by phone, email, through the website, Facebook, Instagram.

Representatives of Rachashei Lev, who walk around the oncology wards are always available to you, children with cancer and your families, for any intents and purposes.

If you would like to volunteer or donate and take part, with us, in helping and supporting children with cancer and their families in the war for their lives – call or write to us, and together we will save lives!

Fill in your details and we will contact you

Main office: 

Children’s House
טל’ 03-7341000
פקס 03-7341020
Emergency hotline 24/7

Rachashei Lev
10 Yehuda Hanasi Blvd.
PO Box 2411 Ashdod

EmailClick here to send an email 
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