Medical support for cancer sick children

Founded in 1989, the Rachashei Lev association is a leader in the field of care and assistance for children with cancer, starting with activities in the field of guidance and counseling for families, through financial assistance for children with cancer, research and development for cancer. We at Rachashei Lev offer a comprehensive and unique support system for children and young people with cancer, regardless of religion, race or gender, or social background. The emphasis are social, educational and psychological, with the aim of maintaining the morale of the children, helping to deal with the difficulties involved in the disease, and alleviating the suffering.

סיוע רפואי וציוד רפואי במחלקות האונקולוגיות לילדים חולי סרטן - עמותת רחשי לב

Rachashei Lev provides worldwide medical assistance to children with cancer

The extensive experience of the Rachashei Lev staff and acquaintance with experts in pediatric oncology, enables us to help obtain medical consultation worldwide and to provide the best possible response in the shortest possible time.

Medicine seeks to provide every patient with the maximum treatment, but there are cases of surgery in sensitive places, rare cancers or special conditions, where the treatment in the country does not achieve satisfactory results, the protocol ends, and the doctors feel that they have exhausted all means available. In such situations, parents almost always want to hear another opinion from an expert in the field and get additional treatment options. We, at Rachahshei Lev, make contact with large and leading medical centers from all over the world in search for hope. First-class specialist in the field of pediatric cancer, who know and cherish the activities of the association, advise patients who are accompanied by the association and are always happy to help Rachashei Lev children. Sometimes a solution is found abroad that is not available in the country, and then we, at Rachashei Lev, raise the funds for the treatment and even take care of all the needs of the child and his family abroad during the treatment. The fundraising campaigns are conducted in full transparency and under the supervision of an accountant and attorney according to the procedures of the Registrar of Non Profit Organizations.

Rachashei Lev works to promote research in pediatric cancer.

As part of the effort to promote pediatric cancer research and find innovative life-saving treatments, we at Rachashei Lev are funding the research coordinators in the oncology departments in Ichilov and Sheba hospitals, where special studies are conducted to find innovative drugs to treat tumors in collaboration with European organizations such as BFM, EBM Tand, SIOPEN and American organizations like COG and BMTR. These organizations are conducting clinical trials that develop better diagnostic tests as well as new pediatric cancer drugs. In order to meet the requirements for participation in this study Rachashei Lev funds four research coordinating nurses who run these studies at the high level required by the research organizations and assist in goal-directed care for each child’s specific upbringing. Funding for research coordinating nursing enables identification and access to innovative therapies and places oncology departments at the forefront of global technology and medicine.

At the same time, Rachashei Lev, mobilizes to help purchase life-saving drugs that are not included in the Israeli health plan, obtaining rare drugs, funding special treatments, targeted radiation, and life-saving surgeries abroad. The scope of funding for these life-saving activities is estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

סיוע רפואי וציוד רפואי במחלקות ילדים בבית החולים איכילוב - רחשי לב למען ילדים חולי סרטן

Rachashei Lev purchases medical equipment and supplies for pediatric hemato-oncology departments

We buy and upgrade the best state-of-the-art medical equipment for inpatient wards, such as: chemotherapy pumps, monitors, ECG devices, devices for locating veins, beds, inpatient chairs and more.

Bedside Monitor System: Chemotherapy fights cancer cells but can impair vital functions. Rachahsei Lev equips the oncology wards for children at Ichilov and Sheba hospitals with a system of bedside monitors, similar to the existing systems in the intensive care units. The monitoring system allows simultaneous monitoring on huge screens of the children treated in the ward, alerts in real time about a decrease in significant indices such as blood pressure, pulse, situation, ECG. The system saves valuable time and enables the provision of vital medical assistance to save lives immediately. The monitoring system allows for close supervision of the children, and gives parents peace and security.

Veins detection device: A day of treatment for a child with cancer begins with blood tests. In most cases, trying to find a vein in children with cancer is very difficult, because the treatments constrict and destroy the veins. Each stab leaves pains and “blue marks” when the children are stabbed in vain. Rachashei Lev purchases innovative and sophisticated devices that map the veins using inphra-red lighting and help find the right vein without contact and without pain. The device allows for efficient and fast treatment and saves the children unnecessary pain and tears. With the help of this device, we will stop the pain of the needles and help the children to receive the treatment calmly and confidently.

סיוע רפואי וציוד רפואי במחלקות ילדים בבית החולים תל השומר - רחשי לב למען ילדים חולי סרטן

Lending medical and rehabilitative equipment to children with cancer

Rachashei Lev operates a special medical and rehabilitation equipment loan system for children with cancer, both during and after the period of hospitalization. Advanced auxiliary equipment, user-friendly and colorful designs that will contribute to improving the child’s feeling and facilitate adaptation to disabilities.

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