Rachashei Lev – In the service of IDF soldiers

Injured IDF soldiers treated at Sheba Medical Center are hosted at the Children’s House during the period of their treatment and rehabilitation. Following requests by the soldiers’ families, Rachashei Lev adopted injured IDF soldiers hospitalized at the medical center, and since July 2008, hundreds of soldiers and their families have been hosted at the Children’s House

During their rehabilitation, after an exhausting day of treatment, IDF soldiers prefer to stay at Rachashei Lev’s Children’s House and to gather strength for another day of treatment. The Children’s House places accessorized suites at the soldiers’ disposal, where they can spend time with their families in a supportive and loving environment until they return to independent life. The Children’s House wonderful volunteers support and embrace the soldiers and do all they can to ease the period of their rehabilitation and recuperation. The injured IDF soldiers need your support.
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פעילות מיוחדת למען חיילי צהל - עמותת רחשי לב
רחשי לב אימצה את פצועי צה"ל המאושפזים בבית החולים תל השומר
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