Your donations make a difference

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of children recovering from cancer and there is a marked improvement in the quality of life of treated children, thanks to the advancement of research, worldwide medical collaborations, medical flights and funding of medicines not covered by health ministry.

Thanks to the accompaniment and support of the Rachashei Lev family, children with cancer cope with the difficult treatments and illness with more optimism, joy of life and hope;  giving them strength to recover from the difficult treatments, to strengthen their immune system and enable them to fight for their lives and win.

Thanks to the Rachashei Lev Children’s House, it is possible for children with cancer living in the periphery diagnosed with severe and complex tumors to come and receive treatments at the best medical centers in the country – and save their lives.

Thanks to your donation, Rachashei Lev, an association for children with cancer, offers children with cancer days of fun, the fulfillment of their dreams, medical flights abroad, medical assistance and equipment, campaigns rescue services, activities in the hospital and in the child’s home.

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