Awards and recognitions- Rachashei Lev for children with cancer

Since the creation of the organization, we have received a great deal of professional appreciation at Rachashei Lev.

We, at Rachashei Lev, act for cancer sick children and their families. We turn worlds around and do everything we can, to ensure that children with cancer have the best chance of fighting for their lives and defeating the disease.

The Rachashei Lev professional team, the national service counselors and volunteers, make sure that children with cancer deal with the serious illness with a smile and without fear, and make sure to give parents as much peace of mind as possible in order for them to concentrate on fighting for their children’s lives without nuisance.

We, at Rachashei Lev, do not compromise on quality and professionalism in all areas of work and activity.

For the activities and achievements in these fields, we have won many certificates and awards over the years, but the biggest important prize is the smile of every child.

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