Children’s House – Flagship Project

בית הילד הוקם למען ילדים חולי סרטן - עמותת רחשי לב

Rachashei Lev is a national support center for children with cancer, founded in 1989 to alleviate the suffering of children with cancer and their families. The organization takes care of children regardless of religion, race or gender, social background and from all regions of the country. The organization was established out of a vision and of the understanding of the need of children with cancer and their families, whose world was turned upside down in an instant, where the daily routine became a war for life. The organization’s staff, service counselors and volunteers, accompany the sick children and their families daily in the wards, are exposed to the special difficulties and needs of each child and each family, and take care to provide a customized response to each of them.

Rachashei Lev established the Children’s House- the organization flagship


In the Sheba Hospital – Tel Hashomer complex, near the Safra Children’s Hospital, the Rachashei Lev organization created the Children’s House in 2007, which is an activity center for children with cancer from all around the country.


Rachashei Lev offers free accommodation for children and their parents in 20 fully equipped suites. Each suite consists of three rooms, parents room, a children’s room, a living room, a kitchenette and a balcony, which allows the child and his family to be comfortably accommodated in a spacious place and to maintain the integrity of the family.


The main building of the complex is an activity center for guests of the Children’s House and for the children hospitalized in the oncology wards. There is a spacious dining room that offers daily hot meals, game rooms, computer room, a library, a synagogue, a playground and shaded outdoor play areas.


The Children’s House allows cancer ill children and their families to be together throughout the difficult treatments and to receive personal assistance and support by the professional staff of the organization.


The Children’s House gives a warm home feeling despite the distance from home.

בית הילד - עמותת רחשי לב פועלת למען ילדים ובני נוער המתמודדים עם מחלת הסרטן

Rachashei Lev operates the Children’s House which enables to give the best medical care

The hemato-oncology service for children at Sheba Hospital, Tel Hashomer, is one of the best and leading in the country, and have the best doctors and professional staff. Due to this, children with cancer, particularly severe cancer types, come here to be treated from all over the country. A child with cancer is hospitalized for an average of about 100 days a year, and in addition arrive to the hospital for tests and treatment during the day, without being hospitalized at least three times a week.

Frequent trips to the hospital, early in the morning on the way in and in the evening’s rush hour on the way back home, are difficult for any healthy child or person, but for a child with cancer, when the body is tired and weak – these trips become an impossible task.

The Children’s House of Rachashei Lev organization allows cancer sick children and their families living in far away periphery in Israel to stay together as a family in the hospital area. Allowing them two minutes walk to the oncology department to receive vital care that they would not have access to because of the distance.

בית הילד - עמותת רחשי לב

Rachashei Lev produces events, workshops and parties at the Children’s House

The location of the Children’s House, within the hospital rounds and a short distance from the oncology ward, allows hospitalized children to come even when connected to the infusion stand, from the ward to the Children’s House to rest in the pampering suite, to change scenery, attend workshops and parties, and return to the ward fresh and with renewed strength.

“My Mondays”, is a day of pampering and experience at Rachashei Lev Children’s House that happens every Monday. The children and mothers are invited to a morning of time out for themselves, with a variety of workshops, performances, treats and delicious food. Creativity and art experiences are a healing for the soul and helps to strengthen the bond between the child who is fighting for his life and the mother who copes and devotes herself entirely to the care of the child. This project also allows mothers to keep their child active and find some time for themselves. Confectionery workshops, massages, flower arranging, gymboree are some of the attractions and activities that bring back the smile of the children for the whole week.

Exciting and unique events are also held at the Children’s House allowing a child with cancer hospitalized in the ward, to participate in the family celebration, such as: circumcision, wedding etc. Bat mitzvah, Bar mitzvah, birthday parties and more are celebrated at Children’s House for children who are hospitalized, and must remain on the hospital grounds and under medical supervision.

At annual holidays and festivals, huge parties and events are held at the Children’s House, to allow the hospitalized children to take part in the events and celebrate: Simchat Beit Hashoeva party with songs and dances, a huge Purim party with a variety of attractions, workshops, artists and more.

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